Adrienne (1) Warnings & Boo Boos

I don't think of myself as a female at work. I think of myself as a employee. I made one thing perfectly clear to the guys : just because I'm a girl doesn't mean you tease me about it. You're not allowed to call me names or patronize me either. I may be a tough girl, but I'm tattling. Trust me, you don't want to get on of me. I expect to be treated like everyone else here, so just and get used to it. They could tell I and eventually they went with it.

I've been doing this for eight years and let me tell you something that really surprised me. And not . When it comes to pain, men act like girls. In fact, they're way worse. They cry and whine and sigh and moan, much more than a woman would. It's just embarrassing. The way they it, you'd think they have seconds to live. If it's not one thing, . There's the lower back pain. Then there are the cramps. Something's always . Everyone's joints are shot from all the bending. I'm like, . What a bunch of crybabies.

Obviously I don't tell them that that's how I feel. I keep that to myself. Also, , they're pretty cool. Once they got over the shock a girl work next to them, they me real quick. They brought me on all the equipment that we use around here.