Adrienne (2) Mud Mats & Spit

Like, there's this thing called a mud mat. It's we have a flat area to put our forms on. Some of the forms are kind of wobbly and they rock back and forth and you need to keep them steady they don't fall . So what we do is we lay those mats out and we pour the concrete into the forms. By the way, concrete is not the same cement. A lot of people have that wrong. Cement's just an ingredient in concrete. It's kind of the glue.

So I caught you guys staring my stickers earlier. The deal with stickers is, you're not supposed to put a lot of them on your hard hat, because sometimes it makes people think that you're covering a hole. But I have this sticker that says HOTTIE that just had to go on the hat. And I have that says BITCH GODDESS. At first, some guys thought that maybe I'd better take those or we could all get in trouble, but no one has brought it lately so I guess I'm the hook. It's probably not that big a deal after .

I have proven myself here working hard, volunteering to cover other guys when they need time and never looking for excuses. I spit, too, like boys . Not because I enjoy it (I know it's gross) but because your mouth gets really dry. The guys are like, "Quit spitting. It's not ladylike." And I'm , "Mind your own business. You wouldn't know ladylike if it bit you in ass. And anyway, don't you have a boo-boo to cry about?" That shuts them real fast.