american ugly (1) what's cool, what's not

Last week I met my neighbor and some friends of his in the supermarket. On my arrival home, about 200 meters , I noticed them just getting out of his car with their . When I asked him why he drove such a short distance when he could have , he replied, “It's the American lifestyle.”

As an American I am continually at how the worst aspects of American culture are adapted by Czechs. So, let me set the record .

McDonald's is not a place. No self-respecting intellectual would be caught dead inside it. The only forgivable reason for there is the excuse that your children forced you or that you needed to use the toilet. In America, McDonald's is considered vulgar and . It is the last place an elegant couple would go for dinner or coffee.

Baseball hats are for playing baseball, not for wearing 24 hours a day, indoors and out. They are shaped the they are in order to assist players in catching the ball when the sun is in their eyes. They are also useful when it is raining. If I were President of this country, all Czech males caught baseball hats, who do not know how to play baseball, would be penalized and to wear zmijovkas or ušankas instead.

Coca Cola is not it. Anyone who orders Coca Cola in a restaurant in a country where a half liter of some of the best beer in the world costs less must be mad. The same for Pepsi Cola. Drinking Kofola is acceptable as as it costs less than a beer. Instant coffee is barbaric. Beer in a can is only acceptable when it is cheaper than beer in a proper bottle as is the case in the USA and UK. Paying almost twice the price for a can in this country is beyond absurd.