going dutch (1) bikes and power plugs

Was this your first time in Amsterdam? • Yes, I'd never been to Amsterdam before, although I'd been to go there for the longest time. I'd friends tell me great things about the city and I always thought they were , but it turned out their description couldn't have been more .

Did you use a bike to get around? (If so, how was it?) • I did not get a chance to bike around and I still not doing so. I wish I'd plans to rent a bike the minute I arrived. But were pretty hectic at first and I kept it off and I never actually got to renting a bike.

Did your readers know that you were going to A'dam? Did they suggest things to do? • I did on my blog that I was going and I got of great recommendations. In fact, I was enough to meet a few readers while in Amsterdam. If I were to give out recommendations I would say your time finding your own way. Don't follow other instructions.

What are the first things you did when you got there? • The first thing I did was into town to find a power plug adapter. I brought 3 adapters and of them were the right kind and I needed one to power my computer. Everyone I talked to about this was very and I was able to find one hours of starting my search.