girls on tap (3) bounced back

Now, you think that this was the sort of commission that any 14-year-old boy would enjoy: complete freedom to invite his best friends to a disco, with a guaranteed supply of girls. I couldn't have more wrong. George was . "It's so ," he kept saying. "We don't know any of these girls - and they're only 13."

Annabel couldn't be put off. Day after day she called George up, with the demand: "More boys. More boys." It got to the where George began to tremble in terror every time the telephone rang.

At last, he did persuade a few friends to accept the invitation, and the day of Annabel's great disco arrived. George arrived late, to the party by my wife. Annabel's parents were determined to celebrate their daughter's birthday in a big way. There were even a couple of bouncers at the door. My wife reports that George and his friends did not well. They talked themselves, while Annabel and her girlfriends danced together.

But those bouncers came in . While they had been hired to uninvited guests away, they were new orders later on. Whenever a boy tried to leave early, they were instructed to drag him back. Oh, poor, poor Annabel. And silly George.