FRIENDS: the one with the apothecary table (1)

Monica and Chandler's

Joey: Hey! Listen, do you guys think I have a with Janine?
Monica: Honey, we have been through this !
Rachel: Yeah. Don't do this to .
Phoebe: She's made it pretty clear, it is not to happen.
Joey: Then I I shouldn't get too excited the fact that I just kissed her!
Chandler: So you kissed her… so what happened after that?
Joey: I came here to tell you guys.
Chandler: So she's just waiting over there for you? Central Perk
Janine: I go. I'm gonna be really late for dance class! Okay, now I'm really late.
Joey: Okay, but could you just leave your lips? (she smiles and leaves) Have you kissed her ? It's awesome! I could do it forever! She kisses than my mom cooks!
Monica: I am so you said cooks.
Chandler: Oh hey Rachel? You have got to tell the post office that you have . We are still getting all your bills and .