ariella (5) rotten railings

Ariella's father drove down from Atlanta in a Mercedes SUV with his family out of a Tommy Hilfiger ad and picked Ariella up and she was for two weeks. The mother stopped me on the sidewalk in front of our houses and said that Ariella was excited because she was going to to ride an airplane back but that she had been to leave because she thought something bad was going to happen to her mother. I told her mother to call on the phone if she needed anything because my doorbell doesn't . She said thanks but didn't ask for my number. She said she didn't think her boyfriend would be coming anymore.

A couple of weeks ago Tucker hammered some rotten railings off the Ariella side of the house. Our slumlord was to kick us out and sell the place and all four of us were thinking about getting a low-income and kicking in $200 for the mortgage we wouldn't have to move to a dangerous neighborhood. We were trying to fix up the place for the government inspectors.

One of the rotten railings had a message on in a child's round handwriting. You are not good neighbors, the railing . You never say hello. Remember when you loaned that little boy down the street from us a bike pump and he never brought the bike pump back and then one of his cousins shot so you didn't want to ask for it back though you didn't have the money for a new one? Maybe that's I feel.