arome and I (2) the meeting

I arrived school early today so I could get ready to meet Arome's mother. The first person I ran was the principal. He was on his way to another meeting and it turned out that he didn’t even know I was meeting Arome's mom. I was hoping that he could come and see for himself what I was with. Now it looked like I was to have to do this on my own.

I went to my room to up my trump card. Earlier, I had taken a notebook from Arome. It turned out to be full of and offensive things that she had written in class. I put the notebook in my binder in things got ugly and I needed to prove my point. I said a short prayer and then to the office. I could have set the meeting in my classroom like most teachers do, but I I'd feel more comfortable with people around.

the time I walked in, Arome was already there. were her mother and a man. No one had told me that was going to be a man at the meeting. I who he was. Grandfather? Not old enough. Her stepfather? Possibly. Either way, it looked like a three-on-one. I was outnumbered and a little shaken. This thing didn't get to a good start. There was an moment of silence and then I began telling my story. I started by explaining to them why we were even having this meeting.