audrey blow-off (1) the letter

Hey Doc, what is with women these days? A friend of mine took me to a really cool bar last weekend. We happened to run an old friend of his, Audrey, who I’d never met. As far as I could tell, there was instant chemistry between us. She was just the sweetest thing. We were both a little tipsy, but that only added the fun we were having.

We had so much in common. We’re in pretty much the same business; she likes the same kind of music and has the same sense humor. About a half-hour our conversation, she asked me if I was seeing someone and told me that she was single. I was getting ready to ask her for her phone number because it looked like the whole thing just couldn’t get better -- and it didn’t.

All of a sudden she jumped up from her seat and started talking to this guy who was walking by. I mean, she actually went to him and struck up a conversation. They stood there talking for quite some time, and she completely ignored me. “Do you know this guy?” I asked my buddy. He didn’t. “Did I say something wrong?” He told me I actually said a few things to her that were “out of character” coming from me, but nothing that might have put her . He always has great luck with the ladies and just knows how to talk to them, so I took his word it.

Thirty minutes Audrey’s conversation with Mister Unknown, I decided that it was time for me to back because she just seemed very deeply involved in their little chat and never even looked at me again, not once. On the way out, I walked her and said the usual: nice talking to you and see you . I was going to ask for her phone number, but decided not to when she gave me an indifferent look.

So Doc, what happened? My friend said he could get me Audrey’s phone number if I want it and maybe put a word for me, but I figure it’s best to let it go. Maybe that guy was just an old friend, but then why did she ignore me? I'm still scratching my head. Where did I go wrong?