audrey blow-off (3) the reply, part two

When she got so deeply in a conversation with the new fellow, you should have strolled around the bar and talked to as many women as you could and pretended like Audrey didn’t exist, instead of just standing there waiting for this bimbo to notice you again. You might have up some home phone numbers while you were it. Remember to do that the next time you realize you’re getting off by some chick at a bar.

And why in the would you go up to her and say “Nice talking to you” after she just spent the last half-hour you by draping herself all over another guy like a cheap suit?

But dude, you should have asked for Audrey’s home phone number . In fact, you should have asked for it right in front of that other guy. I don’t if she’s standing there with her parents – you have to go after that home phone number. Don’t waste your time polite and considerate. Just think about how polite and considerate she was to you.

You didn’t have ten dates in with her. that happens, nothing means anything. You have made absolutely no you have had at least those ten dates with a girl. A girl can tell you that you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread during a half-hour conversation and it doesn’t mean a thing.