auggie's christmas story (1) summer of 76

This is the story of how I got my first camera. It happened in the summer of seventy-six. Vinnie had just hired me to his cigar store. I enjoyed working there, I was to meet a lot of interesting people that way.

A kid came in one morning and started stealing things from the store. He was standing the paperbacks near the front window hiding magazines under his shirt. It was around the counter just then, so I didn't see him at first. But when I noticed what he was doing, I started to shout. He ran , and before I managed to get out from behind the counter, he was already running the street.

I ran after him about a block, and then I gave up. He something while he was running and because I didn't feel running anymore, I looked at it to see what it was. It out to be his wallet.

There was no money inside, but his driver's license was there, with three or four pictures. For a while I thought about calling the cops and telling them to arrest him. I had his name and address from the license, but I felt for him. When I looked at those pictures in his wallet, I couldn't feel very angry him...