a young baseball wife's tales

People their marriages way too early these days. They just don’t put enough work and effort into it. No wonder there's so many ugly divorces. As soon as someone's marriage , they quit and go look for something better. What they find is that there's nothing better out there and they just the same issues with a different person. It's just not , if you ask me. You might as well stay and make it work now.

You just have to a lot of times. You feel humiliated and embarrassed and that sucks, but there are times when that is . For all you know, your partner chooses to overlook some of your imperfections too. Make no mistake, they your weaknesses just like you are of theirs. But maybe they're kind enough not to them. Now, that may or may not be the case—you just don't know unless you ask them. But you should be able to sometimes because that's what a reasonable person does.

My husband and I, we’ve had several points where it was either counseling or divorce. In the end we always took the counseling route. If you'd told me ten years ago that I'd start seeing a shrink one day, I . But I have learned that therapy can actually . I would like to see more people try it.

The first appointment that you go to, if you get someone decent, they make you feel so much better . For instance, they teach you all these ways of handling crises, , avoiding confrontation, making compromises, you name it. I mean, you keep a marriage going. It's also how relationships break up. We came pretty close to calling it quits several times. If it therapy, we would each be living with a different partner now. Or worse, alone.