big dirty van (2) the ice breaker

Understandably, our new neighbors were worried and suspicious about who exactly had moved into the hood. They figured that the other meth-heads must be either time or on the lam and we had probably taken from them or were filling in for them. Either way, we were bad as far as they were concerned.

One day, a lady named Felice up the courage and bravely introduced herself. Within a few minutes the cat was out of the and the drug dealing history of our little house was revealed. to make a first impression in your neighborhood, right? We were stunned. Our realtor left those juicy details out. I can't really blame him, though. I guess I would do the same thing if I were in his shoes. We quickly explained our and everyone was visibly relieved. Eventually, we all had a good laugh about it. There might have even been hugs, I don't remember exactly. But spread.

thing we knew, warm home-made chocolate chip cookies were being brought over by the other neighbors on the long days that we worked to make our little house a home. We'd work into the night, at hours, and it felt good to know that our neighbors appreciated the effort we were putting into making the neighborhood a little nicer. If it hadn't been BDV, are we wouldn't have as much as we did.

To it up, I never thought such a piece of shit would for such a great ice breaker. But that's exactly what it turned out to be and I'm for it. We sold the van we didn't need it anymore. But if you're still out there, BDV, we love you and hope your dirtiness is appreciated.