american beauty (2-1) my mother's daughter

JANE: Mom, go away. I don't like talking to you right now.
CAROLYN: Honey, please let me in. I wish you hadn't witnessed that awful scene tonight. But in a , I'm glad, too.
JANE: Why, I could see what you and Dad really are? It was like you both into maniacs right in front of me. And I think dad was high. When in fact you're the one who might from getting high sometimes.
CAROLYN: The reason I'm glad is because you're old enough to learn the most important lesson in life: you can not count on anyone except yourself. The sooner you learn it, the better you'll be.
JANE: Look, I really don't feel like having a session here. Why don't you your little pearls of wisdom for someone who cares?
CAROLYN: You little brat. How dare you say that to me? Just look at everything you have. Let me remind you that when I was your age, I lived in a duplex. We didn't even have our own house.
JANE: See, this is exactly what I was afraid you were going to say. Now I'll probably to hear about how you somehow ended up with my dad having all those great guys asking you out.
CAROLYN: Am I really easy to read?
JANE: Like an open book.