andy, the d.b.i. (1) how the gig came along

Hello Andy, and thank you for letting us have this conversation. We'd like to ask you a few questions about your job, which we will probably agree is a little unusual. You are a David Beckham impersonator. How did you think of doing this? Well, it began with people telling me that I them of David Beckham. I just thought, you know, . But then Beckham became a real star - first he was sent off in a World Cup game against Argentina and then he began a Spice girl. Suddenly people were not only telling me that I looked a bit like Becks, they were actually offering me money to pretend I was him. Being , that was an opportunity that I thought was too good to .

But you don't work alone. Your ex-girlfriend, Camilla, is always at your side. How did that happen? I'd been doing this gig on my own for a few weeks when a friend noticed that my girlfriend, Camilla, looked - in a certain light - like Posh Spice, and that maybe, if she her hair cut, she'd look like her. So she did. She had no idea what she was , didn't know what she was , or she would have laughed and shrugged it off.

Right, she did cut her hair and she became Victoria. Did she like it? She hated it. She bought long wigs to wear when she went out with her friends no one would her with the real Victoria Beckham. These things were itchy and heavy, but that haircut, anything was better. She really hated wearing them, though. And I was listening to her swear every time she had to put one on.