diary of a baseball wife (1) ups and downs

I've been married to my husband for 12 years. We've had our , like everyone else. , we're actually down right down. But marriage goes in waves and you need to be patient. Sometimes you go through a phase where you just need to pretend like everything is fine and . A heavy-handed approach to fixing things will do more harm than good. that you should never try to work things out. It's just that sometimes trying to fix whatever isn't working will only make it worse.

People and give up on their marriages early these days if you ask me. They just don't put the work and the effort into it. As soon as they hit a , they quit. They just pack their bags and go looking for something better. But more often , they'll find that there's nothing better out there. They'll just end up dealing with the same with a different person. You didn't get it right the first time around, you're likely to get it wrong again. You stay and make it work now.

You just have to a lot of times. You may feel humiliated and that sucks, but there are times when that is the smart thing to do. , your partner chooses to overlook some of your imperfections and not to take advantage of your weaknesses. Now, that may or may not be - you just don't know. Either way, you should be able to take the every now and then simply because that's what a good person does.