diary of a baseball wife (2) shrinks and bad books

We've had several points where it was either counseling or divorce. We both came pretty close to and calling it quits a few times but in the end we took the counseling route and never . Now we know we made . That said, neither of us had been to a shrink before so we had no idea what we . If you'd told me ten years ago I'd need a shrink one day, I would have laughed you off. But believe it or not, therapy works and I would like to see more people try it.

The first appointment that you go to, if you get someone half decent, they make you feel so much better . They teach you all these ways of , talking things out, avoiding confrontation and making compromises. They also make you take a pretty hard look at yourself. They'll open your eyes to things that make you very uncomfortable at first. But , they'll help you save your marriage. Let me give you an example.

I'm a nag. I'm used to --it's my way or the highway around the house. That doesn't with some people. On a more positive note, I don't . I cool off pretty quickly and whatever drives me today is water under the bridge a week later. , my husband is pretty thin-skinned and things really get to him. Also, he won't let anything slide. Once you're in his , you want to make yourself comfortable there because you're not getting out for a while.

His favorite response to my nagging is and giving me the silent treatment. And not silent treatment like you and I give. He has perfected it and turned it into an art form. I'm not kidding. He can keep it up for days, even weeks. Myself, I usually I get. So every major argument turns into a war of attrition. We pass each other silently until something big happens to make us . Now that I hear myself describe it this way, I find it hard to believe we have lasted this long.