diary of a baseball wife (3) friends

Despite my wild reputation, I'm just a good, old-fashioned girl with old-fashioned . My daughters won't be allowed to date until they're at least 16, and I'm thinking of making it 18. How do I keep them ? Well, you have to the law. How do I do that? I pay the damn bills, .

I have a very no-nonsense parenting style. I'm real hardcore. I'm pretty strict when school. Their grades not be less than a 'B' - ever. They than to goof off or cut classes. They know very well that there will be if they do. If they do get into some crazy stuff, they keep it .

My kids are a little scared of me, but there's nothing wrong with that. I don't want them to talk to me like I'm one of their friends. Friends . I learned that the hard way. When you and make it big, all these people crawl out of that you haven't talked to in ages and who you weren't close to in the . When the , though, these people are nowhere . As your mother, I can't say, "sorry that happened to you but I gotta move on." I have to and help dig you out of the hole.