diary of a baseball wife (4) the show

So I do a pretty good job of keeping things in at home, but what happens on the show is out of my control. Half of those ladies are gold-diggers and the other half are honest-to-God bimbos. There is this one wife who turned out to be a complete . She's petty and and a complete pain in the ass. It's one thing to say something about a person in passing, but when you slander people constantly and clearly out of , that's way .

I actually thought of a fight with this woman just to make my feeling clear. I was simply going to come up to her and her and see what happens. Then I thought of it. My reputation is bad enough and incidents like this only reinforce people's impression of me as a psycho. But that woman had better because I really have her.

I can't get into it any because then I would get sued, but both Kris and I are actually worried about her. She seems to have some deeply personal issues . I don't know what exactly they are and I'm not one to . But she's extremely and sometimes becomes totally unhinged and has these awful . Now, we wish her no - but once the show closes we'd never hear her name again.