best dad ever (1) not smart

These dads here in this whole park, they at being dads. As a dad I'll be better than all of them put together. These guys won't even be . Not that it's saying much, because right now, this bunch of dads here is a one at best. Like that dad over there? I don't even have to a finger to be a better dad than him. Look at him pushing his girl in a swing with one hand, around on his Blackberry with the other. When my kid needs pushing on a swing, I'm gonna use both hands.

How high is his kid going ? Not very. Just medium-height. Not even above the crossbar. What's the point of swinging if you're not even going above the crossbar? Where's the fun in that? me. I wouldn't enjoy this and neither does his kid, from the looks of it. , does she look bored. She's practically crying out to be pushed with both hands. Her dad should notice stuff like that. He if he was paying any attention. That's what parenting is about. If you don't pay attention, you may as keep the kid in a cage or leave it in daycare.

Then there's that dad over there. On the blanket. He's not a very good dad either. For one , I won't play my music so loud. Not to that the music he's playing is so crappy. But to his own, right? One man's piece of crap is another man's treasure or something. But it's so damn loud it must be piercing his kid's eardrums. The kid's like eight inches from the boombox. Poor thing. He's gotta be as a post by now. Not smart, dad. A guy your age should know than that. you're a complete moron, which you probably are, by the of things.