best dad ever (2) keeling over

Sure, I'm an idiot myself. A big fat most of the time. But I could be a lot worse. Like that guy trying to teach his kid how to ride a bike. I know the guy, I know what he does for a , and he makes more money than I do. But even if you take all that into , I'm a better dad, although I'm not even a dad yet. When I actually get to be one (which won't be long), then I'll really that lousy dad out of the water.

Can you believe he's teaching his kid how to ride a bike by letting him fall over? told him that that's the way to go it? That's not how you teach a kid how to ride a bike, you . You teach a kid how to ride a bike by making sure that the kid won't get hurt the first time he/she gets on the bike. You don't take the training wheels off until you're sure they can it without them. If the kid can it almost all the way down to, oh, I dunno, say, way over there without relying on training wheels to keep them from over, then it's time to take them off.

This guy took his kid's training wheels off way too early. The kid can't even make it ten feet without and falling over to the ground, like he did right now. , that must have hurt. And the kid is getting no coaching . Bad parenting, that's what this is. That kid clearly never anyone instruct him on the points of what you gotta do, which is pedal through the wobbly parts. The only way to stay is by pedaling as hard as you can. The second you hesitate or let up, you go down like a ton of . He doesn't know that. My kid will.