betty remembers /2/ on the sly

During the week, I get up before the girl . I dress and get over to this chair. Sometimes I sweep and dust on the sly. I always she doesn't find out, though, because she'd get very upset. I'm not do it, you know. My daughter me that I'll fall and break an arm or a leg. But if I listened to her, there would be nothing me to do.

, I had been able to watch TV. But now I'm virtually blind. I hear better than I see, but I don't hear . Jennifer, the lady who comes to help, does read me the news each week. I've started writing my life story -- well, Jennifer's actually writes it down, I just sit here that have happened to me.

Most days, I sit remembering. Some of it makes me very happy. Some makes me sad; certain things didn't get fulfilled or they didn't happen I hoped they would. I never used to feel shut off, but this Christmas I didn't get cards from six of my friends who send them year in and year out. They have probably died. The outside world is starting to feel very .