Big Frank (2) Red Flag Parade

I was suddenly single for the first time since I could remember and I decided I had to make a drastic change. I couldn’t mess with this yo-yo dieting anymore. I had to do this for real, do it hard way and really see it this time. For some reason, the word “rehab” popped into my head. I googled “food rehab” and I came a place called Rosewood Ranch that helped people with their food issues. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a food rehab, but I decided to check in and if I could still be helped.

The next day I drove to Rosewood. I remember it being really hot and I was sweating like a pig. As luck would have it, I arrived Rosewood just in time for dinner. I was greeted by a middle-aged lady who introduced me to this girl in her early ‘20s named Bridgett. Apparently, Bridgett's job was to teach me how to eat, I found amusing. Show me how to eat? Trust me, I’m 240 pounds. I clearly know how to eat. I’m way of the game.

One thing I noticed Bridgett was that she was rail thin. I immediately thought, “Wow. I'd better not get too attached her ‘cause she’s clearly cured and probably on her way out.” Bridgett and I headed to the dining room and I was for a shock. There was a bunch of girls there, one skinnier than the next. Something's here, I thought, I didn't sign up this. I'd been told that I'd be surrounded by people who were dealing with the same problem that I had. Well, none of these girls was 100 pounds. In fact, I was pretty sure I could have a few of them for dinner and still ask for dessert. So that was the first red flag.

I looked at the girl my right. “So, what are you here ?” “Anorexia,” she answered without taking her eyes the plate of food that she wasn’t eating. I turned to the girl on my left. “What brought you here?” “Bulimia.” Oh my God. The website did say this place helped people with all kinds of food issues but this was ridiculous. I was the only fattie there. I was already wishing I'd stayed home but I didn't want them to think I was a quitter so I kept quiet and waited to what happened next.