the bilingualism scam (2) language sponges

My wife not be a native speaker of English, but she speaks it better than a great many who are. My Czech is not up to scratch, certainly not as good as her English, but I learn the language well enough to around the country by myself and make myself . Although I doubt I'll be invited to give a lecture in Czech time soon I have people compliment me on my accent. Sylvia gets that other people who live in the US don't bother to learn English at least well enough to function in society.

So what does work? My wife's best friend is a Mexican woman who doesn't out a lot. She's happy to have Sylvia so she can practice her English. And I think it takes some of the stress her to know that it's a second language for Sylvia too. My boys' playmates at home are from Kenya and Sri Lanka. They speak English perfectly. Kids are like language , throw them into the linguistic environment and they it up in no time at all.

My boy understood English from the beginning because he heard his parents speak it, but preferred to speak Czech (his grandmother also had a to do with that). After a few months in America he finally realized that none of his friends was going to learn Czech for his and he switched to speaking English - literally overnight. It was like a light switch, one day he turned into an English speaker, just like that. Now we have to work at keeping his Czech up to .