playing cards (1) bucket of pennies

After a lot of fighting over the pros and cons Ireland, my parents finally did go. Kate went to Grandma while they were gone. Timo had won a scholarship to this special camp where they teach you to outdoors. I think it's called nature photography.

My mother said that I go to camp too, but I reminded her that I promised to Patrick's paper route when he goes on vacation in June. My father said I had to keep the promise. I . I didn't want to go to camp anyway.

Aunt Speed came to stay in the house with me. It's funny how playing cards can after a while. Usually the kids would when they knew Aunt Speed was coming over, and I felt the same sort of excitement when I looked forward to having her to myself.

As usual, Aunt Speed brought her bucket of pennies, and we played all these different games. At first I play with her. It was a change from being around my parents and take orders from them all the time. But I stopped enjoying it. I wasn't having a good time anymore. I kept playing just to do her a favor. Before it always seemed . I used to be the one asking to play.