playing cards (2) mind at rest

Actually, I started bored the third night she was there. "How about some cards?" she said. She could tell I wasn't too excited the idea."Don't you want to play? I thought you liked playing cards." She tell I was losing my enthusiasm.

"We'll play for pennies to it more interesting." -- "Is it ok if I ask my friend Callie to come ?" -- "Sure. Three players makes a better game." -- "But Callie's parents don't want her playing cards." -- "Well, tell her to come and we'll think of something for her to do."

When Callie came over, Aunt Speed said, "You look a bit like the girl I played blackjack with last Christmas. Or am I ?" -- "No, ma'am," said Callie. -- "But I understand your parents don't allow you to play cards." -- "My father says that gambling's immoral." -- "If that's all that's you," said Aunt Speed, "you can put your at rest. It isn't gambling if you don't keep the money." -- "No ma'am," said Callie. "I not."

"Well ," said Aunt Speed. "What will it be?" -- " about we play outside?" I said. "Sure. Why not? So, how about rummy?" Callie knew how to play rummy. "That it, then. If you know how to play it must be all right."