playing cards (3) so bored so soon

"We never bet money at my house," said Callie. "Well I amn't asking you to go against your . We'll just leave the pennies in the bucket." Aunt Speed and my father's other aunts all come from Ireland and they all say amn't. I don't know anybody who says amn't. Callie knew what she by it though.

We went outside and started playing rummy on an old card table I set up. It's strange that I was getting bored so soon. I was looking to hanging out without Timo. I thought that I would enjoy everything more him out of the way. Now I was almost starting to miss him. I had two kinds of friends--school friends and neighborhood friends. Now that school was out, I didn't to see much of my school friends. I hadn't seen Callie more than a week.

The trouble was, though, that my best friends from the house behind us had just moved out of the neighborhood. And the other kids that to play with us were girls, and they were starting to strange. The girl next door spent most of her time getting mad at the girl down the street or making up with her.

The girl down the street had started wearing designer jeans and high heels and she got a haircut that I was totally old-fashioned. The girl next door started wearing a bra and flirting with older boys. one of them wanted to play kickball or softball .