playing cards (4) the paper route

The day I played rummy with Callie and Aunt Speed, I realized I didn't have any neighborhood friends . I had spent the afternoon throwing a tennis ball against the back of the garage and taking Meeko for a walk every few hours. Meeko was up outside while we were playing cards. His rope far beyond where we had the table and chairs up, and he running around us and getting up.

"Callie," I said. "How would you like to make some money?" -- " what?" -- "Helping me with a paper route." -- "Which paper?" -- "The morning."

"It's your turn, Brian," said Aunt Speed. I a three of diamonds off the top of the pile and put it away. "You're not attention, Brian, " said Aunt Speed. "I'm sleepy. I'm starting early tomorrow so I guess I'd better go to bed soon." -- "What time do you get up?" asked Callie. -- "Five o'clock," I said. "Patrick me promise to have all the papers before six-thirty. He has some customers who get up early, and they like to read the paper right away. They'd be upset if they didn't find their paper waiting for them."

"Five?" said Callie. "That's pretty early." -- "It's summer vacation," I said. "You can go back to sleep when you're . That's what I do." -- "Well, I could certainly the money. I'm thinking of upgrading my computer a bit."