my christmas present

On Christmas Eve Timo and I to go to bed early. We were to do all the Santa Claus stuff because our little sister Kate still thinks that is a bearded guy who brings gifts to children. Our parents also wanted us to go to bed early so they could start gifts under the tree.

While we were into our pajamas, I could tell that there was something that Timo wanted to tell me. But I kept quiet and waited for him to start talking. It didn't long. But what he said was a more interesting. He told me he knew what I was getting for Christmas. He said he seen my present in the garage earlier that day.

first I didn't believe him. "What were you doing in the garage?" I asked. He didn't say anything for a . It sounded like he couldn't think of a good lie. Then he said, "I thought maybe they my present in there. But I only found yours.” I told him to stop lying but at the same time I if he was in fact telling the truth.