bridget's new year (1) will i never learn?

Wednesday December 17

6.30pm: Will I never learn? The week before Christmas, I always next year I will escape to a tiny cottage deep in the forest to sit quietly by the fire of waking up in a huge city with the whole population going "oh my God" at the of work, cards, and deadlines and getting all dressed up, and in traffic every night, arriving at parties wanting to shout "Oh will you all just OFF!" as everyone is exhausted and sick of each other.

Also Christmas reminds you of your to achieve anything, like start a functional relationship. A good example: Mark Darcy. I hoped he ring to suggest spending Christmas in a Swiss Mountain village but he has not rung for 10 days. I'm going to end up... Oh-oh. I realize what has happened. I have clearly got in a mad through stress. Anyway, tonight I am going to stay in quietly, listening to classical music.

7pm: You see, it is good to down, everyone needs to do that once in a . 7.02pm: It's very boring, . 7.04pm: I think I will ring up Sharon. 7.15pm: Hurrah! Shazzer has invited me to a party.

Thursday, January 1

Hurrah, I am the perfect person with a boyfriend who is coming in one hour. This will be the year I definitely stick to resolutions.