bridget's new year (3) I will not

I will not…

Smoke butt ends from the bin when I have out of cigarettes.
Smoke at all, in .
Ring 1471 when I have already rung once and have not been out of the flat since or heard the phone ring.

Go round the flat putting everything I can find in my mouth if it is actually mouldy.
Keep changing my about things.
Worry all the time.

if I do not get any Valentine's Day cards.
Flirt with random men during approach to Valentine's Day in order to increase the possibility of cards.
Dislike other girls who get Valentine's Day cards.

about Valentine's Day cards.
Allow more than two hours to pass between waking up and getting out of bed.
Get newspapers delivered then not read them.
Wake up every morning swearing I will not drink again because of a then as soon as it is the evening think: "Hurrah, time for a little drink."

I will be much more calm Mark as the greatest gift a woman can give to a man is a peace of mind.

Aaargh, aargh. It's 7.45. I need a cigarette to calm down, but there are . Also, I do not smoke any . I think I will have a small sip of wine as I have not given up alcohol like an alcoholic but only to keep sensible limits. Right, what to do the mess? I will push it under the bed, but for the last time, definitely. Rome was not built in a day.