the bullies (1) hat-stealers

Central Perk. Chandler and Ross enter in sweats carrying racquets and sit down at their usual table.
CHANDLER: Man, I am so . Hey, you just wanna forget about racquetball and out here?
BIG BULLY: Hey, you're in our seats.
ROSS: Oh, sorry, we didn't know.
LITTLE BULLY: Hey, we were sitting there.
CHANDLER: Ok, there is one way to say it, who knows it?
LITTLE BULLY: Is that to be funny?
CHANDLER: No , I was just going for colorful.
BIG BULLY: What's with this guy?
ROSS: Nothing, nothing's with him. your coffee.

One of the bullies takes Chandler's cap off.
CHANDLER: What just happened?
LITTLE BULLY: I just took your hat. See, I can be funny too. My joke is that I took your hat.
CHANDLER: That is funny. Can I have it back?
ROSS: Ok, you know what? I think you're very funny. Kudos on that hat joke. But come on, just give him back the hat.
BIG BULLY: Why should we?
ROSS: Because it's a special hat. See, he bought it 'cause he was feeling really one day so he got the hat to himself up, you know.
CHANDLER: Stop talking now. Let me just get this . You're actually stealing my hat?
BIG BULLY: You got a problem with that?
CHANDLER: No, just wanna we're on the same .

Later at the apartment. Chandler and Ross look depressed.
RACHEL: What's the matter with you?
CHANDLER: The guys at the coffee house took my hat.
JOEY: You're kidding.
ROSS: It was . These guys, they were bullies, actual bullies. We're grown-ups, this kind of isn't supposed to happen .
JOEY: Hey, let's go down there and get your hat back.
CHANDLER: Nah, forget it, it's probably stripped and sold for parts by now.