campus rules (1) doorways and crosswalks

Rule #1: Doorways are NOT for standing in. I know it’s been oh-my-god-like-totally-forever since you saw your friend Jill and you just really need to right now, but you know what, you can do that without standing in the doorway and making it hard for others to . Some people will ask you politely to step aside. Me, I won't before poking you in the ribs (or you against a locker while walking past you—entirely , by the way). Here's why. I have all of 15 minutes to cross the campus. In that time I also have to get some lunch. I'm really close every day and every minute counts. By blocking my way and forcing me to take extra steps you are from my work time. I just won't that.

Rule #2: Red means stop. Not speed through "because it was orange just a second ago." In particular, do not try to catch the yellow light where there's a huge wide crosswalk. crosswalks, the reason they're called that is because you're supposed to walk across the street (although the little white man shows up at the light). They're there , people. They're an amazing invention that I wish I could for. Don't you? Too bad some people find them . Look, it all boils down to this: I see you jaywalking, I may not bother to slow down. On , I just won’t. I'll keep going as if you're not there. I don't care if I break your legs or give you a concussion or whatever. As far as I'm concerned, you .