campus rules (2) hallways and the flu

Rule #3: I don’t know about you guys, but back in grade school, I was to walk on the right side of the hallway. It's one of those rules that actually kind of make sense, right? So, if you’re walking down the wrong side, don't be surprised to suddenly feel my in your chest. And not by accident, either. There's some behavior that I just refuse to with. My patience wears pretty quickly. Once it runs out, I snap and things tend to get pretty . What's that? Did I just let the same thing slide with two other guys? Yes, I can totally see that happening. You see, I'm not ALWAYS on the of blowing up. I guess I was when you happened to cross my path, though. What can I say? luck, pal. Is it unfair? Absolutely, no question about it. You expect me to apologize? Don't your breath.

Rule #4: If you have a cold or a flu or you're just down with something, please stay away from class. Yes, I know, some teachers expect you to show up no what and you are only allowed a certain amount of unexcused absences. Well, it up and be an adult about it. If you’re and coughing and have a runny nose, I don't want you sitting next to me. This is a personal pet of mine and I silently curse everyone that does this to me. Now, if you’re going to your nose in class, go ahead, that's cool with me. (I know you can't help it and it having to listen to you sniff for two hours. Now, THAT'S annoying) But whatever you do, do not (I repeat, do not) put your nasty, used tissue anywhere near my stuff. those germs to yourself, ok?