the card game (4) don't you humor me

Ross: You'd what you're doing. I see your twenty, raise you twenty-five.
Rachel: You don't have to me. I see your twenty-five and... Monica, get my purse. Oh, there's nothing in it. Well, purse.
Ross: Ok, what have you got? Full house, huh? Well, you got me. I mean, that's a to beat.

Rachel: Let me see your cards. ... Hey, your hand's better than mine! You won! What is this supposed to mean?
Ross: Nothing. It's just that it would break my heart you lose this game, that's all.
Rachel: Hey, I don't need you to . I'm strong enough to deal with this on my own.
Ross: Of course you are. I just wanted to make you feel better, things aren't for you right now. Look, maybe I to let you win but... I just couldn't it.
Rachel: Whatever, Ross. you saved your sympathy for someone that you still with because .