black hole van (3) an outrage

Besides, after finding out the car was still running ragged after the tuneup, think they'd wonder why that is and look the problem, or at the very least recommend that we do something it. I guess they just couldn't be bothered to do any extra work and they passed the on to the next garage, which is an , if you ask me.

Makes me , too. Could it that this has something to do with the car itself? Would they have done a better job on an car? I guess they would. It shouldn't work that way, , should it?

Just because I bring a crappy old car doesn't mean they can me off like that. As a customer, I expect to be given as much attention as people with fancy cars. Now I think about it, my wife was the one who brought the car in. It was her that they with.

It all makes a lot more sense now. There's so much disrespect for women in those places and frankly I don't it getting better any time . The of these guys gets down from generation to generation. One thing's for sure, I'm never setting in that place again.