carried away (1) what's wrong with these pictures?

Carrie: Let me ask you something, Samantha. I was wondering how hard it is to eat just organic all the time. I don't think I could it for more than a day or two.
Samantha: Oh, you wouldn't believe how hard it is. Last night I could not stop thinking about a Big Mac. I finally had to , go out and get one.
Carrie: On the other hand, you're in and those guys in the corner can't help staring at you. Trust me, you have never looked better.
Samantha: Wow, I hope so. I'm having nude photographs Wednesday.
Carrie: What are you going to do, have post-cards you can hand them out to your dates?
Samantha: This is not about . I'm doing this so that when I'm old I can pick up the pictures and say "Damn, I hot." It'll make me feel young again, which is why I'm going to this.
Carrie: Well, if you ask me, this is not like getting your seventh grade picture taken. I mean, you weren't naked in that, we know.
Samantha: Look, all I'm saying is that I like my body, which is supposed to be a good thing. I want to remember what it looked like when I did. What's ?
Carrie: No problem. I have to for just putting it out there. I can't even say yes to being in this charity fashion show.
Samantha: Oh my God, you were asked to be part of that? That's huge. All the top designers are doing it. anything to be in that.
Carrie: I said I would do it but now I'm having . I'm afraid of embarrassing myself. Oh, now I wish I'd turned them down. That way I wouldn't have to come up with some sort of a silly excuse now.