carried away (3) a nervous strutter

Miranda: What's the difference between strutting down a runway and the you strut down Fifth Avenue?
Carrie: Did you just call me a strutter? Do I strut? Can you really see me walking down a runway all the people staring at me and judging me?
Miranda: No one is going to judge you. People don't do that .
Carrie: What are you talking about? Judging celebrities is we do. If it wasn't models and actors, we'd have nothing to talk about.
Miranda: Granted, you and I judge models. But the thing is, not everyone else . Besides, you're not a model, you're a real person.
Carrie: Exactly, and I don't want people to think that I'm incapable seeing the difference between a model and me. I'd hate to come as some sort of a snotty old lady who needs to be knocked her high horse.
Miranda: Who gives a what people think? This is a fabulous opportunity. Besides, you'll probably to keep the clothes. Isn't that tempting ?
Carrie: I've thought of that. That would be kind of fun, wouldn't it?
Miranda: I'd do it in a New York minute. would every one of your friends. So go and sign before they reconsider.