full-time possesions man (1) edwin's priorities

Edwin Randle, the obsessive, hard-driving Drexel Chemicals CEO legendary for his 100-hour work weeks, competitors Monday when he announced that he is stepping down to spend more time with his possessions.

"I took a long, hard look at my Mercedes CL500 Coupe and realized it wasn't ," said Randle, a 51-year-old husband and father of three. "After spending most of my life putting my career before everything else, it me that I was missing out on what really goods. Can you believe my yacht is already 12 years old?" Randle added. " used it."

Leaning back in his $1,100 leather massage chair heat settings, Randle said it was "high time" he put his . "In the end, what does all that money in the bank mean?" Randle asked. " you make the time to spend it on the things you love."

For years, Randle set time to enjoy his belongings. Most days, the only interaction he had with his pair of BMW R1100 motorcycles was looking at the framed pictures of them on his desk at work. But Randle said , and that he spend a lot more quality time with them.