Like a Heart Attack (2) Get Ready To Scream

Anyway, he's pretty much gotten it. I mean, I've made my decision and he knows better try and talk me it. I have a friend closer to school that I wouldn't mind moving , and she would let me slide the payment until I get a job ( won't take long, hopefully).

I also want to talk to my sister and suggest she and her kids move to Dallas. She would be able to find a better paying and stable job here. Her husband is in prison, he's been there for a year and he's not getting out soon. She has four kids to feed, and hasn't had a job ten years. If she could just rent her house, she could use that money to pay for an apartment here. I figure I could live there and help so she'd be making a profit from that AND have a job the same time. Now, I'd probably have to stay closer to Dallas, but I don't mind all much anymore. Get ready to scream me when I tell you why.