child wrangler (2) over and over again

I was called into the principal's office 3-4 times a week regarding issues the lead teacher had with me. Back then I was too insecure to stand up for myself so I just . Besides, I figured, what's the point in explaining your side of the story when you know the principal has about you anyway? You can't win, you'll just make everyone else hate you even more.

So I and tried to adjust and fit in better, the other teachers and letting their hurtful comments slide. Nothing worked. I kept getting called into the office for the same issues over and over again. After one particularly awful day I arrived home only to find that my apartment . At the time, I didn't have renter's insurance. I decided to and began the hunt for a new place.

In March 2009 I moved to a new apartment. Again, my finances . Breaking a one-year lease after living in a place for a month is not the smartest thing to do, . I tried to convince myself that safety matters more than money, but it was depressing having to deal with and overdrafts on my bank accounts. Meanwhile, work continued to be a between pleasing the lead teacher, to the parents, and getting from the office staff.

April, May, and June 2009 were not unlike March, minus the moving. Once a week the boss would uncontrollably. She would come down on me hard, in front of staff, students, parents, where tears would be running down my cheeks. I don't even think it was personal. When she was pissed, which was most of the time, all that mattered to her was in any way possible. I just happened to be a very at the time.