dear citibank (3-1) over the barrel

Well, that was two days ago. I just got home and saw your letter in the mail. I almost didn't to open it. Most of the time when you write you're trying to sell me insurance or offering me discounts to country music concerts in faraway places I'd never dream of visiting.

I don't know why I ended up opening this one. Maybe it was the way the envelope didn't have a starburst on it; it wasn't even me to urgently respond. Not a single exclamation mark. It was almost you didn't want me to open it. Were you tempting me maybe, me to drop it in the trash?

Anyway, it's a point because I did open it. And I guess I really shouldn't have been surprised to see what the of the message was. You're a size 30% now, . The news didn't exactly stop me in my , to be quite honest.

As far as I can tell, you were waiting for me to show just the sign of weakness to the information on me. Once I did, you . I suppose you have me by the now. (Or is that too vulgar a way to put it? Should I say over the instead? Same , if you ask me.)