about cowboys (1) big white teeth

I once met a real cowboy. Yes, they exist, but not like cowboys from an old western movie or a Marlboro advertisement. Those cowboys are and I’m talking about the real thing.

I was standing in the Nevada desert hitch hiking. I don’t remember exactly how I up in the middle of the desert, many miles from anything but cacti and sand, but there I was, sweating and cursing. I drank nearly all my water, I saved one big swallow so I could die with wet lips.

No cars came for a long time; then a 1950’s pink Eldorado showed up on the horizon. I heard the engine slow and I saw that it was to stop to pick me up. It was a car, I felt like I had gone back in time. A pink Cadillac in the middle of the Nevada desert is a classic image.

The car stopped beside me. A rugged-looking man in a cowboy hat leaned the open window and said, „What the hell are you doing in the middle of the desert?“ He was and had big white teeth.

„Dying of thirst“, I said. He behind him and pulled a bottle of Budweiser from a bucket full of ice. He it to me and said, „Get in.“