about cowboys (3) watch this

He shoved the teeth back in his head and said, „I bet this guy five hundred bucks on a game of pool and beat him fair and square. I started to pick the cash up from the table and the son of a bitch my teeth out with the pool cue. I I’d had a good gun that time. Every man needs a good gun,“ he said, reaching under his seat, „like this one.“

He pulled out a .38 special. It was a big gun. He handed it to me. „Don’t worry,“ he said, „I don’t keep bullets in it, I keep the bullets in my pocket.“ The gun was very heavy; I opened it and looked down the barrel and through the empty chambers. I spun the chambers like I saw cowboys in movies . It clicked and turned like a roulette wheel, then came to a stop. I closed the chamber and handed it back to him. „Nice gun,“ I said. „Yes,“ he said, into his right pocket, „watch this.“

Bob shoved a bullet into the chamber. I scared. He the gun out the window, squinted one eye and blew the top of a cactus without slowing the car down. „Good shot,“ I said. My ears were ringing from the explosion.

We drove and talked for a few hours, then he said it would be best for me to stop outside Reno because his ranch wasn’t much further and I’d get better rides closer to Reno. , if I didn’t get a ride, I wouldn’t die of thirst in the middle of the desert.

I got out and thanked Bob for his kindness, then I watched his Cadillac fade into the sunset, then the car was , like he drove into the sky. I stood there thinking to myself, „Yes, I have met a real American cowboy.”