crappy service (2) time to make a stand

Maybe when the waitress giving you bowls of chips and salsa, it's a telltale sign that you are getting . At 12:25, my friend goes over to talk to a manager. He tells us we will be care of. that means.

At 12:30, we are offered more chips and salsa. I could have another margarita at that . At 12:40, another girl in the group decides we had enough. We can't wait anymore. I agree with her and stand up, putting on my sunglasses. As we turn to leave, our food now up. It has been forty minutes since we placed the order.

We start the door just to watch the other four people in our group stay behind to eat. WTF? If I am getting shit service, I will them know and walk out. I can't believe these people stayed behind. They talked tough but when the time came to make a , they sat and it. One of them is a sonofabitch anyway. I bet he them to package up the burgers we ordered he could eat them for supper.