frasier's curse (3) cutest couple

Niles is in the lift and just about to go up to Frasier's floor when Martin comes rushing in with Eddie.
Martin: I'm never going to that grocery store street again. They gave me such a just because I brought Eddie in.
Niles: Well, it's not exactly sanitary, dad.
Martin: Oh yeah, well when they the guy with pink eye who's cheese samples, then they can talk to me about sanity.
Niles: Didn't you bring home a case of dog food yesterday?
Martin: Yeah. It was the economy stuff, he it, so I had to take all of it back. This is his favorite kind.
Niles: Well, I guess what is true: Once you've tasted animal by-products you can't go back to the cheap stuff.

Niles: So, will you pick the restaurant for tonight?
Martin: Hey, I've got a better idea . My old precinct one of their seized property auctions down at the fairgrounds. Come on Niles, these drug dealers have some pretty nice stuff.
Niles: I guess I've been searching for a wide-brimmed purple velvet hat... It's .
Martin: I , we'll just go for a little while and then we'll come back here for dinner.