frasier's curse (9) assuming the best

Martin walks in. He has something to say to Frasier.
Martin: Frasier, I just talked to your agent. She was calling from a phone and she couldn't really talk but she said that KPOV wants you to host your own show for them.
Frasier: My own television show. On KPOV.
Niles: I just realised. This is an bigger opportunity for personal growth. Having a prestigious new job like this and not even going to the reunion to boast about it.
Frasier: It's a great opportunity, isn't it.
Niles: Have a good time.
Frasier: I . (he leaves)

Niles: I must say Frasier did have a run of bad luck this week. I'm certainly glad it out better for him.
Martin: No, he didn't really get a call, I just it all up.
Niles: His agent didn't call?
Martin: No, I just wanted to give the guy something to about.
Niles: Dad, I know you were trying to help but don't you think that's a little , what somebody at the reunion knows it's not true?
Martin: Oh, no, you too much. Who's gonna know? I mean, most of these people are from out of town, they've probably never heard of KPOV.

Daphne walks in with the newsletter.
Daphne: I knew it. When you said KPOV, I thought it sounded and it's right here in Dr. Crane's newsletter. His classmate, Calver Gurdstone, was just made station manager. Won't that be nice for them? They'll be working together now.
Niles: Oh, my God.
Martin: Oh, come on, it'll be all right, don't worry about it. This Gurdstone probably won't even show up - he's just got a new job, he's probably real busy.
Niles: Well, you're right. I mustn't the worst. I'm like Frasier, as if there really is a curse.
Daphne: Look here, he's also serving as this year's reunion coordinator.