getting thru to dave & stu (2) off my chest

Those are problems, but they ain't nothing Jim Anchower hasn't tackled before. My main these days is the fact that, without a car, I can't hear my favorite morning DJs, Dave Mielicki and his sidekick Stu. Now, I know I've told you that radio is for , but there's no rule that doesn't have an .

Man, the things they say just crack me up. Listeners are always calling in to sound off about any topic they want. Now, as you know, my is always working overtime, and I've got a lot of stuff to get off my . So, this one time, I was driving around, going nowhere in , when I decided I had some things I wanted to sound off to Dave and Stu about. I into the parking lot of a filling station and got to a pay-phone in a hurry.

I had about $1.75 of change on me, so I started it in, hoping I would get through to Dave and Stu. The line was busy the first few times, but I eventually got through. Man, was I . Only problem was, it was a wrong number. , I had misdialed in my haste.

I tried a few more times, getting more and more pissed off with each signal. Finally, just when I was about to call it , the line rang, and it was the radio station. The guy who answered said there were about five callers on the air before me, so I should take it , and that they'd let me know when I was about to get on the air.