derek's watch

For many years, Derek lived with his mother in a large house because he could not find a girl to marry and he liked it when someone made all his meals for him. When his mother died, he that the house became too big for him. He did want to live in a big house but he knew he couldn't it because he wasn't paid very much in his job. So eventually he decided to buy a smaller house. It some time to find a house that he would enjoy living in but in the end Derek managed to find a nice a few blocks away from where he had living.

There was a very nice old clock in his first house that seemed to be quite valuable and when the moving men came to take his furniture to the new house, Derek thought, „I'm not going to let these guys this beautiful old clock in their truck. The clock might easily broken, and it would take a lot of money and time to it repaired.“

So he picked it up and began to carry it the road in his arms. Not surprisingly, the clock was quite heavy, so he had to stop a couple of to have a rest.

Then suddenly he saw a small boy walking down the road. The boy came up to Derek, stopped and at him for a few seconds. It seemed that there was something that he did not understand. Derek said nothing. Instead, he waited the boy to speak first.

The boy finally shook his head and said to Derek, „I've been looking at you trying to out why you're doing this. But I just don't get it. Why don't you just go and buy a watch like everybody ?“