desperate housewives: a deal made in hell

Carlos: Gabby, thank god you're doing this. , beating up another gay guy?
Gabrielle: Yes, well, Carlos, in some circles, beating people up at all .
Carlos: So what your mind? You said you were gonna here.
Gabrielle: Well, I'm the mother of your child, a lot of responsibility and not much time for myself. So if I'm gonna get you , you have to return the favor.

Carlos: I see. So, what you want me to do?
Gabrielle: When the baby cries in the middle of the night, you're gonna get up without saying one word. Doctors' appointments: you're driving. I'm not putting a car seat in my Maserati. You will also be on bottle duty. I'll have a life, and then maybe I'll hate you a little less than I do right now. So? ?
Carlos: Hey, Gabby? Aren't we breast feeding?
Gabrielle: Oh, honey, if you can , more power to you.